Purpose Design Pattern Aspect(s) That Can Vary
Creational Abstract Factory (87) families of product objects
Builder (97) how a composite object gets created
Factory Method (107) subclass of object that is instantiated
Prototype (117) class of object that is instantiated
Singleton (127) the sole instance of a class
Structural Adapter (139) interface to an object
Bridge (151) implementation of an object
Composite (163) structure and composition of an object
Decorator (175) responsibilities of an object without subclassing
Facade (<as+href=”#facade”>185) interface to a subsystem
Flyweight (<as+href=”#flyweight”>195) storage costs of objects
Proxy (<as+href=”#proxy”>207) how an object is accessed; its location
Behavioral Chain of Responsibility (223) object that can fulfill a request
Command (233) when and how a request is fulfilled
Interpreter (243) grammar and interpretation of a language
Iterator (257) how an aggregate’s elements are accessed, traversed
Mediator (273) how and which objects interact with each other
Memento (283) what private information is stored outside an object, and when
Observer (293) number of objects that depend on another object; how the dependent objects stay up to date
State (305) states of an object
Strategy (315) an algorithm
Template Method (325) steps of an algorithm
Visitor (331) operations that can be applied to object(s) without changing their class(es)


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